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Mathilde graduated with distinction from a didactic master's degree in violin at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels and an MMus in Performance in Irish Traditional music from the DIT Conservatory in Dublin.

Mathilde is an experienced violin teacher who has taught at music schools and academies in Ireland and Belgium. 

As a qualified and experienced violin teacher, her goals are to share and transmit to students her passion for music in general and the violin in particular. Mathilde takes into consideration   the level and objectives of each. Its mission is to initiate and guide each student in their learning of music and to develop their capacity for autonomy in their working method.

Mathilde attaches particular importance to the physical and mental approach of the instrument and to the development of a good technique which allows an optimal fluidity with the instrument.

Click on this subject on Mathilde's memoir: “ Well being with your violin ". 

His training and experience in Celtic music in Ireland, in jazz violin and contemporary music,   allow him to teach different styles of music on the violin: classical music, Celtic, jazz, pop,... This openness to other styles of music develops an attractive natural approach to the instrument as well as a playful pedagogy based on positive psychology that helps develop the ear, promotes musical memorization and the sense of rhythm at the individual level and within a group. It also helps to develop the student's creativity (improvisations, arrangements, composition, group energy, etc.). 

For more information on this subject, click on Mathilde's memoir: " The Fiddle and the violin: Influence of Practice and Performance in Irish traditional music on the Classical violinist").

Thus its objective is to introduce students to music in general and to the discipline of playing the instrument while guiding them in the discovery of their own artistic personality.

For more information about Mathilde's career, do not hesitate to consult her biography:


Progressive and playful method

  • Lessons for all levels, with or without music theory 

  • All styles of music: classical music, world music, pop, jazz,...

  • Gradual development of technique

  • With an experienced teacher

25€/30min - 35€/45min - 50€/h

Mathilde de Jenlis



Lessons at the teacher's home

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Violin lessons in Rixensart, Belgium

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