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The Jenlisisters offer the public a unique musical project. Two sisters: Héloïse harpist and Mathilde violinist, expand the limits of their instruments by exploring different styles of music and playing techniques. Each concert then takes the form of a journey through space and time. They compose their own arrangements for their two instruments, film music, world music, mainstream pop... The Jenlisisters also create their own compositions in which they draw their inspiration from classical, traditional, jazz music... they mingle with electro sounds.

Through their family complicity and the unprecedented harmony of their instruments, they make their concert a moment rich in emotion. Together, they create intimacy with the public while nevertheless giving the dimension of a large-scale show. Indeed, their expanded skills allow them to master and be independent in sound and image technologies. With this double skill they establish a synergy between the visual and the sound, so that the escape is complete.

Both are graduates of higher music conservatories: Specialized and didactic master's degree in violin at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Master's (Mmus) degree in performance, specialized in Irish traditional music at the DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama of Dublin for Mathilde. Master specialized in harp at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, Post Master soloist/orchestra at the Giuseppe Verdi di Milano Conservatory and Agrégation at the IMEP (Namur) for Héloïse. They perform regularly in concert and at festivals in different styles of music in France, Belgium, Italy, Ireland...





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