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About us

A unique musical project that crosses the boundaries between different styles of music: classical, Celtic, world music, electro, pop...
Through their complicity and the unprecedented harmony of their instruments, the JenliSisters offer their audience an unforgettable artistic experience.

A whole sound and visual universe is revealed through their original compositions which mix the  sounds of the violin and the harp with electro sounds.


The JenliSisters offer different approaches to explore the Celtic and epic universe. 
An intimate concert in which they print their sound paste to traditional tunes from here and elsewhere that have survived the centuries.

They also offer to give their concert an epic dimension by expanding their compositions with a production with electro soundtracks.


The JenliSisters accompany their instruments with an electronic production and introduce the harp and the violin differently through their electro-pop, celtic-electro compositions as well as their covers.  

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